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How to prevent the meat grinder rusting

Sausage meat stuffing is a granular meat stuffing made by meat processing enterprises in different parts of the processing process according to different processing requirements. It is widely used in various sausages, ham sausage, luncheon meat, meatballs, salty flavor, pet food and other meat products. It is made of stainless steel, which has no pollution to the processed materials and meets the food hygiene standard. After special heat treatment, the tool has excellent wear resistance and long service life.

The meat grinder has the advantages of simple operation, convenient disassembly and assembly, easy cleaning and processing. The range of products is wide. After processing, the raw materials can keep all kinds of original nutrients and keep good fresh-keeping effect. The cutting tool can be adjusted or replaced according to the actual use requirements. After the cutter is assembled or replaced, the fastening nut must be tightened to ensure that the grid plate does not move. Otherwise, the relative movement between the grid plate movement and the cutter rotation will also cause the material grinding effect. The cutter must be close to the grid, otherwise it will affect the cutting efficiency. When the screw feeder rotates in the machine wall, it is necessary to prevent the screw surface from colliding with the machine wall. If it collides slightly, the machine will be damaged immediately. However, the gap between them should not be too large, which will affect the feeding efficiency and extrusion force, and even make the material flow backward from the gap. Therefore, the processing and installation requirements of these parts are high.

As we all know, the meat grinder is convenient and fast to grind meat, but if the meat grinder is found to be rusty, meat grinding is undoubtedly a waste of good materials, so how to solve the problem of meat grinder rust?

General metal iron products rust, you can use physical methods to remove the rust. But if the surface of iron products is not flat, it is more difficult to use physical methods. If the meat grinder is spiral inside, we can't use simple methods to remove the rust. Here are some simple methods for your reference

1. Mix the fine sand and yellow mud properly and put it into the meat grinder to remove the rust from the meat grinder. But be careful not to install the blade, or it will damage the blade.

2. You can buy some rust remover in the shop, and you can get rid of the rust by spraying. But this method does not know whether the rust is poisonous or not and whether it can be cleaned up.

3. There can be rice washing water soaking meat grinder. It's going to take a few days to use a strong rice bubble.